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Dear Grandchildren
ISBN 0-9726360-0-5

100% of the profit from the sale of this book benefits breast cancer research and education 





























Alta Omnimedia Unveils New Book for Family History Month
Grandma's Story Keeps on Giving

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 1, 2003--"What was it like when you were little?" One grandma made the most of this question and used it to bond with her grandchildren. In answer, Alta F. Brean wrote a personal account of her childhood for her grandkids in an aptly titled book, "Dear Grandchildren."

"People who have read advance copies tell me they didn't want to put it down," states Renee Gentry, San Jose publisher and granddaughter of the late Mrs. Brean--a native of Oklahoma and long-time resident of Escondido, CA."'Dinner could wait,' one woman told me," Gentry continued. "She got the book in the afternoon and read straight through into the night!"

Alta Omnimedia, LLC, publisher of American History books and other media, today announced that "Dear Grandchildren" will be available at the start of October: Family History Month. Gentry sees this book as something more than just an interesting story about the trials and triumphs of one woman's life "out West." Mrs. Brean was born in Indian Territory--now present-day Oklahoma. Her family eeked out a living farming in the Sooner State. Later, they tried their hand at ranching in the newly-admitted state of New Mexico, but that wasn't so easy either. "Family is a wonderful thing," says Gentry. "I don't think Grandma could have made it through all those rough times if it weren't for the love and support of her family. Hearing about your family history can really help you appreciate where you are today. I hope this book encourages other grandparents, and even parents, to share their childhood memories."

Gentry may be getting her wish. David Walske of Los Angeles, himself an expert in the field of information technology and communication, claims, "Many years ago my mother began to write about her life growing up in the rural farming community of the Maumee Valley of Ohio. Somewhere along the way she mentally lost sight of the project and put her manuscript away, unfinished in a drawer. After reading 'Dear Grandchildren,' she's been inspired to pick up the task again."

"Grandma was on the road in a covered wagon when she turned 12. Having no meat, the best her mother could do was to fry up some potatoes and onions for her birthday dinner," says Leslie O'Connor of Saratoga Springs, NY, another granddaughter, recalling a story from the book. "It makes you feel good inside to think about love and family, and to consider what's important. Really, it's all about good relationships."

"I hope when you have read this you will feel that you not only know me better, but that you will know more about the times in which I have lived," Brean wrote to her grandchildren. "I hope you will tell your story, too," Gentry adds.

"Dear Grandchildren" is available now at www.DearGrandchildren.com.
ISBN 0-9726360-0-5. $18.95.
Hardcover with dust jacket.
144 pages with 35 maps and photos.
Published 2003.
100% of the profit from the sale of this book benefits breast cancer research and education.

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